Lab 1: WEP Security Protocol
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Upon completion of this lab, students will:

  • Set up the WEP security protocol and change the default SSID on a wireless router
  • Extended Lab: Connect a lab computer to the wireless network


Although wireless networks offer numerous advantages over wired networks, security continues to be a concern. Improved security protocols such as WEP encrypt wireless data to provide one measure of security. Changing the default SSID is another step that can improve a wireless network's security.


    1. Lab computers

    2. Internet access

    3. Wireless router

    4. Crossover cables

    5. Wireless NICs (If the extended lab is done)

Time Requirement:

Time requirements depend upon whether the wireless network has been set up prior to the start of the lab. With the network set up, this lab will take 15 to 35 minutes. Without preparing the wireless network beforehand, this lab will take 40 to 60 minutes.

If the extended lab of connecting a lab computer to the wireless network is performed, allow 20 to 30 more minutes.


Use the router's manual to connect and install the wireless router, set up a wireless network, and to connect a lab computer for the extended lab.


  1. Set up WEP and SSID for the wireless router. If time and equipment allows, set up and connect a lab computer to the wireless network.

    1. Be sure to show the results to your Instructor and get his/her signature before moving on.

  1. Use the Internet to research default SSID security issues and wireless protocols that are helpful in securing wireless networks.

    1. List the advantages of setting up WEP and at least 2 other protocols.

    2. List the advantage of setting up a unique SSID instead of using the default SSID.

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