2.1.7 DoS Wireless Considerations

At the application and transport layers, there is no significant difference between DoS attacks on wired or wireless networks. As DoS attacks move closer to the physical layer, however, the differences grow more critical. There are differences in the interaction between the network, data-link, and physical layers that increase the risk of a DoS attack on a wireless network.

A DoS attack at the physical layer against a wired network requires access to the media, that is, the wires and other network devices. This is not the case with a wireless network. Wireless signals go everywhere, even through walls and windows.

This means that a physical attack on a wireless network can be launched from anywhere the signal can be received. Instead of connecting directly to the target computer or network, the wireless attacker can launch an attack from anywhere. Also, a wireless attack leaves little physical evidence in terms of broken doors, damaged cabling, or fingerprints.