Aries® Information Technology Courses

The original courses that helped to establish the Aries Technology name in CTE education. Aries Information Technology courses are designed around industry endorsed certification exams to ensure that learners are adequately prepared for modern hardware troubleshooting and software applications. Our IT courses are suited for both entry-level and advanced technology courses and written at a seventh-grade reading comprehension level.

  1. Hardware

    Gives students knowledge and experience in computer hardware in non-vendor specific environments

  2. Operating Systems

    Begins by covering Windows operating system basics, gradually progressing to more complex and "field relevant" skill sets.

  3. Networking

    A full semester of professional IT training that builds a solid foundation of network administrations skill.

  4. Server

    Focuses on sever room design and installation, security, maintenance, and network administration.

  5. Linux

    A one-semester course with multimedia instructional design focusing on the basics of Linux.

  6. Security

    Explores security concepts and implementation as it applies to LANs and WANs.

  1. Wireless

    Learn about the various groups that contriute to WLANs, the characteristis of radio waves and frequencies, WLAN security solutions and more.

  2. Computer Literacy

    An introduction to general computer hardware and software knowledge, this course teaches everything you need to become a functional computer user.

  3. Computer Systems

    An introductory course for students interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry - Mapped to West Virginia Standards for 21st century learning.

  4. PC Technician

    Guides students through the basic concepts and technical knowledge necessary for an entry level field technician.

  5. Helpdesk

    This course is specifically designed to prepare students for a career in the IT support field.