Aries® Wireless Essentials™

Wireless Essentials™ is a one-semester course that explores wireless LAN standards and technologies. Students will learn about the various groups that contribute to WLANS, the characteristics of radio waves and frequencies, WLAN security solutions and more. Aligned to industry endorsed certifications.

This course covers:

  • Wireless Concepts and Implementation
  • Standards, Agencies and Organizations
  • Wireless Devices, Topologies and Operations
  • Security and Privacy
  • Setting up a SOHO Network
  • Wireless Applications
  • Resources and Troubleshooting

Product Information:

  • One semester (16-18 weeks)
  • Intended Audience – Grades 9-12+
  • Hosted in Aries Universal Learning
    E-vironment with assessment bank, exercises, and quizzes

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