Aries® Learning Platform

Join the growing list of ULE adopting schools - let us customize a Universal Learning E-vironment® for your school!

No expensive infrastructure requirements, no long-term contract commitments, no dedicated maintenance personnel required. The Aries ULE is your first choice in alternative learning management systems.

The Aries Universal Learning E-vironment (ULE®) is an online hosted service portal for student, classroom, and content management.  Unlike competing solutions, the ULE focuses on a single-sign on foundation for many of your school’s needs requiring little to no additional hardware or staffing investment to maintain.  Your school will no longer need the hassle of separate systems from different vendors for content management, learning management, and student management!

The ULE provides all the expected features of a complete e-learning management solution and in addition the ULE is flexible and customizable to fit your school's needs.  We can even integrate with 3rd party systems and content to reduce potential migration costs.

Standard ULE core features are built around offering our pre-made content, activities, and assessments:

  • Hosted Course Content - Choose from our pre-made interactive static or dynamic content.  Dynamic course structure allows instructors to pick and choose course objectives on the fly to fit class specific needs.
  • Assessments - Assessment system allows for implementation of self designed question banks or import of standards aligned questions from other vendors.  Select question types from a variety of formats including Multiple Response, Bimodal, Dynamic, or Open Ended such as essay, short answer and problem. 
  • Detailed Exam Reports - Measure student performance with in-depth reports and comparison options.
  • Report Card - Maintain historic student records from school to school or class to class.
  • User management - Each user is provided with a unique login and password to access content and role-specific ULE features.  Roles hierarchy allows for different levels of access from Student to Teacher, Parent, or Administrator.
  • Messaging System - Break free of unauthorized e-mails and spam with the internal ULE messaging system.

At its core, the ULE can replace or supplement your existing Content Management System, Learning Management System, and Student Information System.  We have also developed the ULE to be as flexible as possible through advanced features to provide a complete solution package for more demanding needs such as third party content creation and uploading, e-commerce, certification, and multimedia hosting.

ULE’s advanced features offer you flexibility beyond traditional core functionality:

  • Assessment & Certification Center - Automated delivery of state exams, test preparation, and certification provision.
  • E-commerce - Provides online course catalogs and online course purchasing for virtual school solutions in open enrollment institutions.
  • Open License Content Library - Upload or create customized content for use in the ULE.
  • E-portfolio - Allows for tracking life-long learning achievements and digital certificates.
  • Virtual Presenter - Presents a lesson plan builder and integrates online lectures with PowerPoint and streaming video.

ULE Benefits:

  • Web-based hosted solution or optional customer hosted licensing programs.
  • Improves communication between administrators, teachers, students, and parents.
  • 24/7 access to course materials.
  • Supports dynamic content management, providing the ability to integrate standards, content, and assessment.
  • Provide real-time methods for assessment and evaluation of student progress.
  • Reduce administration, organization, and course management time.
  • Customize the logo, skin, and colors.
  • Seamless integration with educational institutions using Student Information Systems.
  • Optional integration with Moodle to enhance training and education delivery.

ULE System Overview:

  • Complete web-hosted solution
  • Microsoft SQL 2008 64 bit servers
  • Web-farm solution
  • .NET 3.5 Framework
  • Support Browser: IE8x or higher, Firefox 3.5.x and Safari 4.x or higher
  • Supports SSL and SCORM 2004
  • Supported Languages: US English, UK English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Spanish