Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Licensing and Pricing

Can my school share licenses with another school within the district?

Answer: No, Aries® licenses are only available to the school which made the purchase. Licenses may not be shared.

Can I host Aries curricula on a school server?

Answer: Yes, however, it is highly recommended that users access the curricula through the Aries Online Portal in order to receive updates.

Our school stopped using Aries Curriculum for one year. Can we pay renewal for this year and start receiving services again?

Answer: Yes, schools are allowed to stop using our services for up to one year and rejoin by simply paying the renewal cost. After more than one year, schools will need to start a new account.

Assessment Resources and Training

At what reading level is Aries Curriculum written?

Answer: Aries writes all curriculum at a 7th grade reading level according to the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test and all concepts are explained simply and effectively. Aries strives to make complex IT concepts easy to learn for all levels of students while keeping the quality of the content at a level that will produce competent technicians who will do well in the workplace or in their next level of schooling.

How often can Aries curricula upgrades be expected?

Answer: Aries is constantly upgrading its curricula so that it is current with the latest technologies, certification exams, and workplace needs. If you have any recommendations, please send them to

What is the website address for the Aries Technology Teacher Resource site?

Answer: The Aries Technology Teacher Resource site is at

What is the Website for the Aries Testing Center?

Answer: The Aries Testing center is at

Random problems always seem to occur when my students take a test. What is going on?

Answer: You may have to get in touch with your network administrator and verify that the computers:

  • Are running at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5-6.0 with all security patches or Mozilla 1.1.
  • Do not run pop-up blocking programs. Note: Pop up blockers such as Google and Yahoo browser toolbars need to be disabled or removed.
  • Have cookies enabled.
  • Have ActiveX enabled. (In IE, go to Tools, Internet in the "Advanced" tab of the Internet options section of IE6 to allow ActiveX to run. The "Allow active content from CDs to run on my computer" and "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer" must be checked.)
  • Have cache turned off
  • Have unrestricted access to all of Aries sites. (If you have a firewall or any type of filtering program, then you must make it have unrestricted access to all Aries sites:,,,, and

If you still have problems contact for further help.

I will be teaching a class utilizing Aries Technology, Inc. online curricula. How can I transition to next semester smoothly?

Answer: To begin working with Aries Technology, Inc. online curricula for the next semester please follow these steps at least several weeks before each new semester. (Please perform all of these functions on site, not from home or an alternate site):

  • Make sure that your account is current with Aries Technology, Inc. To verify please contact your sales person.
  • Request your Aries Assessment System account for the upcoming semester. Go to The teacher’s assessment account will be emailed to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).
  • Log onto your curricula class management account ( and add students and yourself to the class. This will create logins for your students and yourself to use at to access the curriculum. Select the Edit button once the account has been created if you wish to change the randomly created username and password. Once done print out the user lists so that your students will have logins during the first day.
  • Log onto your assessment class account ( and add students using the Student List link. Once done print out the user lists so that your students will have logins during the first day.
  • Test out the Aries Online Curricula account. Log onto with the account you created for yourself. Verify that you can view the curricula and the animations contained within.
  • Test out the assessment class account. First, Log onto with the your instructor account and activate a test. (If you need help with the assessment system you can click on the "Help" button that appears on the screen after you click on "Manage class"). Second, log onto with a student account you created and take the exam. Third, verify that you can submit a test, and that a grade is shown to you. Fourth, log off from your student account. Fifth, access your teacher account and try to view the grade of your "test student". Sixth, go to the Exam Activation link and set that student up for a Retake so that your score does not remain in the student's grade book.

If you successfully follow these steps everything should be technically working with your Aries Technology assessment and curricula.

If you and/or your technical staff are having technical difficulties accessing the Aries Technology, Inc. assessment or curricula please contact

What are the Aries Certifications and Internships Requirements?

Answer: To receive an Aries Certification, students must complete all chapter exams and complete the following:

  • Internship requirements are 50 hours
  • In addition students must pass all unit exams with an combined average score of 75% or greater and the final exams with a score of 75% or greater or students must pass both the Linux midterm and final exams with an combined average score of 75%.

Certificates must be applied for within 6 months after the class has ended.

All Internship policies were created by a 3rd party governing board and are final. No exceptions will be made.

The instructor can find the required documents for the internship program at:

The instructor must fax/mail/email in the internship forms to us. We verify that the students' test scores and that the students have passes the internship requirements before issuing certificates.

Instructor must sign and submit the internship completion form by mail, e-mail or fax to:

Aries Technology, Inc.
Attn: Certification Process
1204 E. Baseline Road
Tempe, AZ 85283, Suite #106

Fax: 480-967-8422


Do I have to sign a contract to use the free demo?

Answer: Absolutely not. You are under no obligation when signing up for our free demo other than consenting to the license agreement.

What's included in the free demo?

Answer: Free demos include full access to the Aries ULE Learning Platform for 60 days. After that time period, your account will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to view the content.


How will training for use of the courses be delivered?

Answer: We offer training via live online WebEx, on-site at our Tempe facility, or at the customer’s facility.

Is Aries content high-bandwidth or low-bandwidth?

Answer: Aries content is optimized for both low-bandwidth and high-bandwidth usage and will run fine on a dial-up connection.

How long would it take the average student to complete the course?

Answer: Aries Courses are designed to be used for an entire semester or 16-18 weeks. Courses can be finished prior to the end of the semester if the student/teacher so chooses.

Will the program use audio, video, animations, complicated illustrations? 

Answer: Aries Online Curriculum uses Flash animations to illustrate processes associated with computer hardware and software. These flash animations integrate audio, video, and illustrations for enhanced learning.

Will graphics and animations will be included?

Answer: Yes, graphics and animations are included in every chapter of every course.

How many interactive exercises are planned? What type of exercises are they?

Answer: We are constantly updating the amount of interactive material included in Aries courses. Aries vary widely-- from simple animations that demonstrate comuter parts to far more complicated tasks that invold troubleshooting.

Are the graphics and animations all original or will some be clip art?

Answer: All still life images are licensed images. Flash images are original images created by our team of professional graphic artists and simulation experts.

How much total video and audio are to be used?

Answer: Aries Curriculum contains videos for nearly every chapter of every course. All videos are created by a team of graphic specialists. Audio voice-over is only included with the Computer Literacy course.