Case Studies

Aries provides consultation and services for organizations of many backgrounds and geographies.  Below you will find use cases for companies that Aries has partnered with to develop online based solutions for.  If you're interested in joining our growing list of partners contact us today to see if Aries is a great fit for your organization!

Information Technology
Project: Live WebEx Training Sessions and Content Hosting
Client: Tele'Train BV

Tele'Train specializes in consulting, training, and activities for optimizing customer communications for businesses who operate call or contact centers.  Tele'Train provided pre-existing flash based training content around workforce traffic management, forecasting, and contact center management which Aries interfaced within a customized version of the Aries Universal Learning E-vironment (ULE).  Tele'Train offers these classes via optional WebEx integration which allows live interaction and feedback over the Internet between Instructors and Participants.

Growing a Business
Project: Growing a Business Workshop
Client: Cisco Entrepreneur Institute

Aries helped to author the Growing a Business workshop for the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute.  The course is aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs built around business growth by analyzing changing market trends and continuously improving the business plan.  The 40-hour course is housed within a customized Moodle interface and features 8 modules, short quizzes, and matching activities.

Scene to Believe
Project: Employee Training and Assessment
Client: Scene to Believe

Scene to Believe offers retail and special event digital photography studios throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, the UK, and South Africa.  Aries customized a ULE instance for Scene to Believe in order to offer scalable online employee training to prepare for the holiday season rush.  Scene to Believe provided pre-made content around employee policies and procedures which was then uploaded and offered virtually within the ULE along with employee assessments.

Web Development
Project: IPv6 Fundamentals
Client: Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training (PCATT)

PCATT is a not-for-profit consortium that provides leadership and training in advanced technologies to enhance economic and workforce development in the State of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.  Aries teamed up with PCATT to develop the IPv6 Fundamentals course which teaches learners the differences between and migration from Internet Protocol version 4 to version 6.  IPv6 Fundamentals features interactive content, short quizzes, assessments, and a mobile friendly version which are accessed from the Aries ULE.