Aries® Career & Technical Education/ICT

Providing students with a competitive edge in today's high-tech job market.

Aries Career & Technical Education (CTE)/ICT courses are intended to equip learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to give them an edge in a hyper-competitive workplace. Aries CTE/ICT courses were originally built to prepare students for industry endorsed certifications and are also commonly used to provide general knowledge about modern information technologies.

Information Technology

Aries® Information Technology

The original courses that helped to establish the Aries Technology name in CTE education.  Aries Information Technology courses are designed around industry endorsed certification exams to ensure that learners are adequately prepared for modern hardware troubleshooting and software applications.  Our IT courses are suited for both entry-level and advanced technology courses and written at a seventh-grade reading comprehension level.

Business Applications

Aries® Business Applications

Employers are consistently after well-rounded individuals to add to their rosters.  This leads to a greater emphasis in the demand for candidates to not only possess a baseline of hard skills but also proficiency in soft skills for a stronger overall employee.  Aries Business Applications courses are intended to help learners advance both their technical knowledge and emotional intelligence to be successful in today's workplace.

Web Development

Aries® Development Courses

In the information age, understanding the ins and outs of developing for a creative and media rich Internet are must-have skills for today's aspiring developers.  Aries has recognized this need and offers development courses to assist learners in better understanding online content, infrastructure, and languages to develop their online portfolios.